Friday, January 14, 2011

working out resumes

Thursday morning it was time to get back to running.  Of course, the sidewalks here are still a liiittle icy, and I am super paranoid about slipping and falling in the ice.  So to the treadmill we went!  The schedule told M and I was had 3 miles to run.  Sounds fine right?  Oh wait, I haven't run at all in several weeks.  Oops.  This was definitely a hard workout.  But that's to be expected.  We powered through and finished in about 33 minutes.
Then, in the evening, I did something a little crazy.  I went to spin class.  On the same day I went running.  Does this make me insane?  The thing is, between running, boot camp class (starting next week - more on that later!), spin, and our schedules, it's what made the most sense.  I can run in the AM on Thursday, spin in the evening, and then Friday is my rest day.  Any other day I went to spin, I'd have to run the next morning, which I think is much worse.  We'll see if I can stick with the schedule or not, but I'm feeling pretty good this morning!  Sore, of course, but after a three week hiatus I think that's to be expected :-)

After my insane day of working out, I was ready for some delicious dinner: a Ham and Swiss Bake.  This was another Bisquick recipe, but it had honey mustard mixed into the crust, which made for a great flavor!  After baking the crust, I added the ham mixture, which had green onions, green pepper, and sour cream.

Then, the whole thing was topped with swiss cheese and baked a little longer.
I really liked this.  It has such interesting flavors with the honey mustard in the crust, and the green onions in the filling.
Scott liked this but didn't totally love it (he said he'd eat it again, but maybe with as much enthusiasm as other things, haha).  It also lends it self to lots of different toppigns-  you could do chicken or tofu instead of ham, other veggies, other cheeses, etc. :-)

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