Tuesday, July 31, 2012


last week in a post i mentioned that i played kickball, so i thought maybe i'd talk more about that.  kickball doesn't always really count as "exercise" - although in some games it can (i wouldn't count it on my exercise checklist unless i stayed after a game to practice catching pop flys... which i have done...) - but it is definitely a fun way to stay active and meet people.  in fact, scott and i met playing kickball in washington dc!  i know of other couples (some also now married!) who also met through kickball.
scott and i, before we were on the same team!
 i've also made great friends, and my friends from my team in dc are some of my most favorite people and close friends, even after living away from them for three years.
my dc team at the wedding of our captains!
i know there are many different organizations you can play for (depending on where you live), but i've always played for WAKA.  in dc, i played for dc lightning, which was wednesday nights on the national mall.
some of my dc team in front of the capital

love these girls! and the backdrop :)
in durham, we play in nc lightning - the name thing is a total coincidence - and we play on thursday nights.  durham is a much tamer league overall, but we still manage to have a good time.
nc lightning kickball league
america theme week
happy birthday to me & america!
if you never played kickball in 5th grade, it's basically just like baseball, but with a big red ball you kick instead of batting.  i like kickball because most people aren't too competitive.  i mean, c'mon, who REALLY cares if you are the best ever at a sport that most people stop playing by at 11?  our team in dc was definitely not too competitive on the field - we were really there just to have fun.  in nc, for the most part we are here for fun but i think we make a much bigger effort to try to win/be strategic.  i think we strike a good balance of trying hard to win, but not getting upset if we don't. because it's kickball, and there's a bar to go to afterwards... what about that can get you upset?  for me (and scott), kickball has been a great way to make new friends and have fun.  if you live anywhere that has a waka league, i totally recommend you look into it!

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