Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy garmin birthday!

Hope y'all had a fabulous Independence Day.  I slept in, went to a coffee shop to do some work, and then tried out my new birthday present:

Happy birthday to me!! EEK! It came in the mail on Tuesday, but I had to charge it before I could use it.

I was hoping that I could wake up and beat the heat for a run on Wednesday, but I was out a little too late on Tuesday night ringing in my 27th year :-)  So, I waited until it wasn't too hot (it got up to 105 here on Wednesday, but it was only 90 when I headed out, sooo yeah) and decided to go for an easy two mile run.

I'm SUPER excited.  So far, I'm happy with my choice of getting the 210.  It doesn't feel bulky or heavy on my wrist, and it seems very user friendly!  So, how did my first run go?  Well, Garmin Connect can tell you!  I set autolap to 0.5 miles, so we have splits for every half mile:

(avg. paces were 10:46, 10:26, 10:36, and 8:52).

We also have timing and elevation:

I swear it seems hillier than this elevation chart would tell you

I'm super excited to start using the Garmin and to be able to track all of my runs!  Woo!  In other news, my work outs in general have not been, umm...err, as disciplined as I would like:

Thurs. 6/28: NA
Fri. 6/29: 3.5ish mile run
Sat. 6/30: a few sit ups and a little bit of walking around outside... basically a rest day
Sun. 7/1: NA
Monday 7/2: 3 mile run on the treadmill
Tuesday 7/3: NA
Wednesday 7/4: 2 mile run outside (see above) + light arms

Sooo, I've been bad at cross training and strength training... but today is a new day, right?

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