Tuesday, July 3, 2012

birthday dessert

In honor of my birthday, I thought I would share my favorite spots to get a sweet treat in Durham (because, you know, everyone needs a sweet treat on their birthday!).

Locopops is a Durham staple.  I've often enjoyed my locopops on campus or at a graduate school event, but when Kimmy visited recently I decided to take her to the store.  K tried Mango Chile and Cherry Lime; I had Pomegranate Tangerine.  The Mango Chile was too spicy for her, but she enjoyed the Cherry Lime and I always love the Pomegranate Tangerine!

Mad Hatter's
This coffee shop / bakery is right by my work, and we often get cakes from there for office celebrations.  Their cream cheese brownies are one of my favorite treats - I am a sucker for chocolate!  I also enjoy their muffins when I'm there for breakfast!

Local Yogurt
Frozen yogurt is so trendy right now!  I love Local Yogurt.  I think the favorite combo I ever had was blueberry froyo + kiwi topping.  Delicious!

Places I need to try:
Tutti Frutti: another froyo place.  The kids I babysit for often get Tutti Frutti if they are good, and their creations always make me jealous!
The Parlour: an ice cream truck that apparently has the best salted caramel ice cream ever.  Salted caramel is so amazing.
Daisy Cake: new bakery in town, known for their cupcakes!

All these places are delicious - either from first-hand knowledge or from review of friends.  Now I just have to decide where to stop in today for a birthday treat. Suggestions anyone?  What is your favorite sweet treat?

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  1. I remember going to Mad Hatter and getting a delicious breakfast burrito! Let's go back.