Tuesday, June 5, 2012

making a comeback

It's now been over four months since I last blogged!  I went for a walk to day with Sarah and met her gorgeous little girl Annabel.  I had been pondering whether or not I wanted to blog again - I feel like it was a way to hold me accountable to running and cooking, and I miss that.  Initially, it fell off partly from being busy doing school work and partly because I was injured... plus my cooking was on the decline, so I didn't have much to say!  I'm happy to report that I'm finally getting back on track with running... so perhaps I can start blogging about that again soon!
I also haven't cooked anything that qualifies as "new" in quite a while... for two reasons.  One, Scott is a plain Jane meat and potatoes guy, so experimenting in the kitchen and also feeding him is tricky!  Two, our apartment (and kitchen) is quite cramped right now, and so I haven't had the space or energy to really work on creating new meals.  However, two things recently happened: (1) we finally managed to clear off our kitchen table after about 5 months of not seeing it, and (2) we found a bigger place to move into, so I'll have bigger kitchen and perhaps the motivation to cook will return!
So, this is just a post basically to say that now that I am trying to run again, and that I might start cooking (and/or baking) fun things again soon, maybe I can get this blog back on track!  In other news, I got married three months ago.  And since no good blog post is complete without some photos, here you go:

PS: Who is still reading this?  Leave me a comment and let me know... and feel free to include any suggestions about posts I should do :)


  1. I am glad you found somewhere to move! and I love reading blogs. Anything is fun to read about. Especially with pictures. :-)

  2. Meeeee! Get back to running!

  3. I still read!! And I haven't forgotten about our get-together, hopefully we can do that this summer!

    1. Hey Whitney! I didn't know you read! Fun! We definitely should get together, let's make a plan soon :)

  4. i read! more blogging please :)