Tuesday, June 12, 2012

weekend fun & restaurant review: rue cler brunch

Over the weekend, the crafty and awesome blogger Miss Knits came to visit me!  Miss Knits (aka Kimmy) was in our wedding in March, and you can read about the awesome desserts she made for the reception in her blog here.

Kimmy & I at the wedding

Kimmy got here pretty late on Friday night, so I stayed at the office and did work until she got there (yep, I'm really cool), and then we just hung out before getting some sleep.  Kimmy is also a runner (we ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler together the past 2 years), so naturally we went for a run Saturday morning.

After the run, we decided to refuel with some yummy brunch!  Durham has SO many great brunch spots, so it's always hard for me to choose where to go.  After lots of debate, we decided on Rue Cler.  We started with a half-dozen order of fresh beignets, which were INCREDIBLE.  They came out perfectly warm and fresh, and I was in total heaven.

For entrees, I ordered the Duck Confit Crepe, which has sauteed spinach, deep fried potatoes, and a really tasty veal jus.  I absolutely loved the flavors!  Kimmy ordered the Gravlax Crepe, which had sauteed peppers, nicoise olives, gravlax, boursin cheese and tomatoes.  She let me have a bite and the mix of gravlax and boursin cheese was soo yummy!  I definitely recommend Rue Cler for brunch, and if you go you absolutely must get beignets.  The coffee is also really tasty, for any coffee drinkers out there :-)

After an awesome day of sunshine, soccer watching, and game playing (we love board games!), in the evening we went bar hopping in Durham and met up with some friends.  Overall, a GREAT weekend with one of my most fun friends!  Thanks for visiting, Kimmy!

Kimmy & I out on the town

Scott was there too!

What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun?  If you live in the Durham area, what is your favorite brunch place and why?

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