Tuesday, January 31, 2012


FINALLY, today, I had what I have been missing for almost two months: an enjoyable run!

This knee pain thing has really been getting me down.  I miss running.  I miss enjoying the runs I go on.  So today after class, it was a beautiful 67 degrees out, and I decided to try my normal two laps around east, with my knee brace.  I definitely tried to keep an 'easy pace' but I ended up running the 2 loops in 31:51 - a 9:23 pace - not something I think of as "easy."  Although my knee is (very very mildly) sore now, it felt good throughout the run and I wasn't limping or in pain at all afterwards!  I'm SO excited about this.  I know I need to take it easy to prevent any further injury, but it's SO NICE to finally feel like I can get back to running!

New blogger Courtney wrote today about running goals and listening to your body.  After the 15k I had all sorts of crazy ideas about running goals for 2012.  I definitely want to improve as a runner this year, but I'm thinking I need to be a bit more reserved in my goals.  For now, I think my primary goal is going to be to enjoy my runs.  This will probably mean minimal speed work and low mileage for the next month to avoid hurting my knee any further.  That being said, here are some potential upcoming goals:

-PR in a 5k.  There's a local 5k in 2ish weeks that only costs $5, and money is tight right now so the $5 entry fee was enticing.  My current PR (and only 5k time I have) is 33:21.  Today I ran 3.4 miles in 31:51.  So a PR is not really a big challenge.  I would like to see how fast I can push myself, though.  I'll have to think more about goals, but I am hoping I can finish in under 28:00.

-PR in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April.  This should also be pretty easy, since my only prior time is 2:02:50 which is around a 12 minute mile.  I have about two months to figure out goals for this, but again, I definitely think I can PR!

-Possibly PR in a half marathon.  I'm thinking about signing up for a local half marathon in April, and/or one in June near where I grew up.  This would definitely be the most challenging of my goals, as my prior half marathon time is from October when I was in great running shape, and I haven't gotten a whole lot speedier since then!  But, it's something to think about!

All those PRs definitely make it sound like I'm going to be focusing on speed.... but I'm not going to!  At least not yet.  For the month of February, the name of the game is easy, comfortable miles, until I am sure that I'm totally healed.

What are your 2012 running goals?


  1. I just want to stay healthy! And run 24-30 marathons. But mostly stay healthy!

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  3. Who would have thought the two of us would be excited about all these races?? I want to PR at the 5K I just signed up for - I would think possible since hopefully I won't be forced to walk the first part because of race management...

  4. I'd like to PR in a 5K (preferably under 30) and the 10miler and finish my first 1/2 marathon under 1.5hrs. Yay running! Glad your knee seems to be doing better.

  5. Good luck with all your running goals! Especially enjoy your runs :)

    I am aiming to break 1:40 for the half marathon!

  6. Hey! I just found your blog browsing healthylivingblogs.com :) I moved to Durham recently, so I thought I'd check out the local blogs, and I'll definitely add this one to my RSS reader! I totally feel you on the knee pain thing. I have had a persistent case of tendonitis in one of my knees for over a YEAR, and I'm only now starting to run again with some regularity. Really frustrating. Good luck!!