Monday, October 3, 2011

September cooking, part 1

I'm a terrible blogger.  But, while I had a free moment, I did want to share with you some of the recipes I tried in September!  The first new recipe I tried was BBQ Bacon Meatloaf from the Biggest Loser Cookbook.  First step, cook some chopped onions and turkey bacon:

 Next, mix some oats and milk and whatnot:
Then, basically combine the oats with garlic, Worcestershire sauce, ground turkey, and the bacon/onion mix.  Put the mixture into a loaf pan, spread BBQ sauce on top, and bake!

The night I made this I wanted asparagus, but something beyond my normal (and fairly plain) steamed asparagus.  So I used two of my favorite new websites to look for a recipe: GoJee and Pintrest.  If you haven't seen GoJee, you basically type in an ingredient you are craving or that you have, and it will suggest recipes.  It also allows you to input ingredients you don't have/don't want/are allergic to.  It looks like their long term plan is to hook up with various grocery stores so that if you use your savings card and link it to Gojee, Gojee will know what's in your kitchen.  Pretty cool idea, although it doesn't have my grocery store yet.  Pintrest is basically a way to save pictures/links of things you like on a virtual pin board, and lots of people have "favorite recipes"/"recipes to try" as a board.
Anyway, GoJee helped me find a new asparagus recipe which I modified based on what I had an laziness and I ended up with delicious asparagus lightly coated in bread crumbs:
With a small side of (fake, out of the box, yet delicious) mashed potatoes, dinner is served:

The meatloaf was good, but I think it needed more Worcestershire sauce and more garlic in the base - the overwhelming flavor was the BBQ sauce on top.  I like BBQ sauce, but it kind of left the middle parts of the meatloaf lacking taste.

I managed to try two new recipes during the month of September, so hopefully I will be able to post the second one soon!

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