Thursday, October 27, 2011

baking experiments!

hello blog land!

this weekend my future mother in law is came to town and we had dinner with some other family members on saturday night.  i was asked to bring a dessert, which gave me the chance to try a recipe i've been excited about for a while: salted caramel chocolate bars!

my friend allison has made these several times, and i always (a) eat too many of them and (b) get her to let me take some home! so, it was finally time for me to attempt them.  first, the crust:

then, after that's baked for ten minutes, you just layer on chocolate chips, caramel topping, and more crust.  i found it hard to get the second crust to crumble on evenly/well - maybe i had too much melted butter and thus it wasn't crumbly enough?  or, it might just be that i didn't have enough crust overall and you need a bit more than it calls for.  at any rate, i ended up mixing up just a little bit more to make sure it was completely covered before i baked for another 20 minutes:
 before baking

 after baking! yum!

 side view - look at all the melty gooey chocolate and caramel!

 I let them sit in the fridge for about 24 hours to make sure they congealed before cutting them up.  The verdict? They were a total hit!  The kids each ate three pieces (we cut them up pretty small, haha) and all the adults had at least two :-)  In the future, I'd say you need way more salt than the recipe calls for.  But, I'd definitely make this again!

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