Tuesday, December 18, 2012

weekly update #16

This week was the last spin class of the semester, as well as the last spin class EVER with my favorite teacher Allie.  She graduated from nursing school and is moving to Chicago for an awesome job.  We obviously had to take a goodbye photo, even though nobody looks attractive after an hour long spin class:
We'll miss you, Allie!  Good luck in Chicago!
I think knowing that it was my last class with Allie made me really push myself at class.  As a result, Wednesday morning's run was rough.  I pretty much thought I was going to die for the first mile, but after that it was actually a pretty good run.

Monday 12/10: 3.16 miles, avg. pace 11:04
Tuesday 12/11: spin class!
Wednesday 12/12: 4.05 miles, avg. pace 10:33
Thurday 12/13: 4.00 miles, tempo run on treadmill, avg. pace 9:41
Friday 12/14: rest
Saturday 12/15: missed my long run - oops
Sunday 12/16: made up my long run, with Susan! 7.08 miles, avg. pace 10:36

So, overall a good running/workout week!  I will have to post about Susan's trip here - she arrived Saturday and is leaving this morning.  For now, I'll leave you with this gem - Susan and I found this house, decorated/orchestrated by ECU student Michael Shoaf (he's done this in past years too - but this was the first year I stumbled upon it since moving to Durham).  SO IMPRESSIVE/AMAZING:

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  1. This was so good...I'll come back next year just to see it!