Tuesday, December 4, 2012

weekly update #14

Sean Taylor #21 Jersey = Required for game day
Not sure if you saw Monday Night Football last night, but the REDSKINS beat the Giants in RGIII's Monday Night Debute - first time the Skins won on Monday night at home since 1997.  If I didn't live approximately 250 miles from Fed Ex Field, I would have DEFINITELY tried to go to that game.  Even so, it was pretty incredible (and stressful) watching from home.  It has been SO exciting watching the Redskins this year - RGIII has really brought a new energy to the team.  So has Alfred Morrisd.  FAU?  They only had one win last year.  Talk about a great draft pick.  Incredible.  I know we are only 6-6, and we have a tough 4 games ahead of us, but the idea that we could possibly make the playoffs this year is astounding.

Anyway, I only ran twice last week, but they were both good runs.  I've had some pain in the arch of my foot, but it isn't too bad, so for now I'm running through it and trying to stretch.  M and I have been bad about letting each other bail in the mornings, but I think we created a new plan that will minimiz that, so hopefully this week I will do all four of my runs.  So, here it is:

Monday 11/26: 3.63 miles in 38:20
Tuesday 11/27: spin class
Wednesday 11/28: nope
Thursday 11/29: 3.5 miles in 34:10
Friday 11/30: nada
Saturday & Sunday: nada, although I did dance up a storm on Saturday night

Monday's run was after work, averaging a 10:30ish pace, and it felt really good.  Tuesday's spin class was okay, but my foot definitely still hurt when I was out of the saddle, hence my resting on Wednesday.  Thursday I ran in the afternoon and it was a bit chilly, so my first mile was pretty fast (9:13) and then I slowed down to a more even pace (around 10:00).  I'm trying to keep my easy runs in the 10:00-10:30 range, and right around 10:30 seems to feel pretty easy right now.

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