Tuesday, November 27, 2012

weekly updated #13 and my next half marathon!

Oops, I'm posting this much later than usual.  New reader Ben called me out on it (Hi Ben!  Nice to meet you!) - so - here's my short and sweet weekly update:

Mon. 11/19: 3.24 miles, avg. pace 10:33
Tues. 11/20:  3.61 miles, avg. pace 10:11
Wed. 11/21: rest day
Thurs. 11/22: 4.03 miles, avg. pace 10:19
Fri.-Sun.: rest/laziness

Friday I intentionally rested.  I meant to do a long-ish run on Saturday or Sunday, but it just never happened.  Oops.  Turkey hangovers are rough, haha.  Monday's run was nice and easy.  Tuesday we did a farklet, but  about 2.6 miles in my knee really started hurting, so that sucked.  I managed to run home and after foam rolling/ice I felt a lot better, but I skipped Tuesday night's spin class and rested Wednesday to try to give my knee a break.  Thursday I ran with my brace on and it felt much better, so I guess I'm back to wearing my knee brace for a while?  Hopefully foam rolling and hip strengthening exercises will help.  Any tips about knee/IT band pain would be much appreciated!

In other news, I've signed up for my next half marathon.  Marissa, Kimmy and I will be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orland, FL on February 24, 2013!
I haven't been to Disney in about a decade, so hopefully we will get sufficient time to tour the parks while we are down there.  I'm also planning to dress up, but I'm kind of nervous about running in costume.  Lots of people do it:
Look at all those costumes!
Meghann from Meals and Miles at the race last year
...but running in a costume presents a number of challenges.  I feel like I'm pretty particular about what I wear/being comfortable, so that concerns me.  Right now, I'm leaning towards being Belle (I like to wear bright colors while I run; I probably look the most like Belle).  So far, I'm thinking I can wear a yellow performance tshirt or tank top with a normal pair of shorts and a yellow sparkley skirt over my shorts.  I'm undecided about any type of tiara, although I would love to wear one if I can stand it.  Any thoughts/suggestions?

In addition to this being the first race I will wear a costume at, it's also the first race that I will intentionally not be trying to for a PR.  Our plan is to run at a fun, easy pace and to stop take photos with princesses and other Disney characters are our leisure.  I'm really excited about this fun girls' weekend in Florida!  Another perk to this race... check out the medal:
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?  Haha.  I'm very excited to get this very girly, very pretty medal in February.

What spring races are you looking forward to?

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  1. I recommend Team Sparkle for a sparkle skirt...so light you don't even know you're wearing one! http://www.team-sparkle.com/

    In other news, so glad you and Ben met! Worlds colliding!