Monday, October 1, 2012

weekly training update #6

As per usual, I did no strength training in the past week.  Womp womp.  But I did do a really fun farklet run on Wednesday:
Look at those crazy splits!  7:54?  WHO AM I?  I know it's only for a quarter mile,  but I'm still pretty pleased.

Saturday, I did my long run on the Mt. Vernon trail in Alexandria, which I had always wanted to try and was recommended to me on twitter by Anne.  I initially was going to run from Alexandria north towards DC (to see the monuments! woo!) but my MIL recommended that I run south - so I decided to try that.  It did not disappoint!  Unfortunately I didn't run with my camera (that always seems so stressful - holding it for 2 hours? yuck!), but it was absolutely gorgeous, so I stole some photos of google images to share with you:

Thanks Google, for helping me find photos.
Fall wasn't quite in full force, but I did see some leaves turning
I can't wait for another chance to run on the trail!  Makes me miss DC SO much.

My plan for my long run was to go 12 miles - 6 out and back.  But I stopped for water at 2.4 miles and forgot to press 'start' again on my watch.... oops.  To make a long story short, I accidentally went 12.8 miles but I felt pretty fantastic the whole time - I was in SUCH a good mood!  I tried to keep a pace that felt easy the entire time, but I ended up going a LOT faster than my usual long run!  My first mile was 11:24 (always hard to get going!), but then I sped up: miles 2-4 were all right around 10:30, and then my mile splits were 10:09, 10:11, 9:57, 10:37, 10:23, 10:11, 10:04, and 9:31!  Great end to the running week :-)  I stretched a ton on Saturday and took a much deserved rest day on Sunday.  I'm definitely getting pumped about my upcoming half and potentially PRing, especially after such a fabulous long run!

Recap by Day:
Mon. 9/24: Easy run in the afternoon, 4.11 miles.  Felt super easy and awesome, avg. pace 10:23 (splits: 10:37, 11:04, 10:07, 9:55, nubbin 0.11 8:34).
Tues. 9/25: Spin class... which was deceptively hard.  No strength - oops.
Wed. 9/26: Farklet, 3.1 miles, average pace 9:50.
Thurs. 9/27: Easy run, 3.1 miles, average pace 11:02
Fri. 9/28: Rest
Sat. 9/29: Long run - 12.8 miles, average pace 10:20
Sun. 9/30: Rest

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