Friday, October 26, 2012


I recently added Plain Chicken to my google reader, and I have to say, she has some pretty fabulous recipes.  I've recently made her Chicken Tetrazzini and her Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti, which were both incredible.  I also tried her Spaghetti Casserole, which was enjoyable (but didn't wow me as much).  Unfortunatley, I forgot to take pictures of the Chicken Tetrazzini and the Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti.
I know, I know  Anyway... the chicken tetrazzini was really delicious - I loved using the vermicelli pasta!  It's a nice switch from regular spaghetti.  I also used rotisserie chicken, which made making the dish quicker and easier to make, and more flavorful (although possibly less healthy).  This meal was Scott-approved - it had enough flavor that I wasn't bored, but not so many spices/things that he didn't like it.  I think in the future I might add more garlic powder than it calls for, and maybe mix in some other spices (onion powder and/or cooked onions? salt/pepper?) but otherwise it was delicious.

The Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti was FANTASTIC!  I did not use rotisserie chicken for this one - just regular chicken breasts that I boiled and then chopped.  The abundance of cream cheese, cheese, and Ranch dressing makes this less-than-healthy, but the flavor of the sauce is incredible.  I did use non-fat cream cheese, low fat cheese, and non-fat Ranch, which at least cuts down on the fat.  Next time you are craving buffalo chicken, I highly recommend this.  I think next time I make it, I may try to mix in more veggies - the green onions are perfect, but maybe more veggies could make this meal a little lighter/healthier.

Finally, I made the Spaghetti Casserole - and took pictures!!  I have real no complaints about this dish - it just seemed like baking it didn't add anything beyond the way I normally make spaghetti (which is cook pasta, then use a pan to cook meat and sauce, add cheese to melt it, and then mix it all together).
The one downside to this dish was that the sauce/meat/mozzarella stayed on top (and didn't sink down into the pasta) so we had to mix it up in our bowls.
Anyway, like I said - no complaints, but this recipe wasn't as much of a "wow" as the first two.
What are your favorite dinners lately?  Or favorite blogs to find new recipes?

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  1. Buffalo chicken...why I will never be vegetarian. I miss our dining hall dates...or me stealing your ID so I could get it junior/senior year...