Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whoaa, we're half way there

I can't believe November is halfway done!  I figure now might be a good time to review how my November goals are going.

Goal #1: Stick to my workout routine for the entire month.  Here's the very detailed calendar with what I planned to do:
 And as of November 15th, here is what I have done:
Yes, I made a colorful calendar for this.  Yes, I should have been doing work instead of making the above calendar.  Oh well.

Thoughts on my progress so far:
-All the work outs have been done, I have just had to shift them slightly some days (e.g. my long run happening on Sunday instead of Saturday).
-My Tuesday morning run is "3-5 miles" and every week I've done the same 3.4 mile loop (or rather, 2x of a loop).  I'd love to increase the distance on this run, but it's hard because I have a 9am meeting!
-When M can't do our normal morning workouts, my whole day gets delayed.  Example: Monday, we normally get to the gym at 7:30.  M wasn't feeling well, and I stayed up kind of late, so instead of going at 7:30 by myself I slept in for an embarrassingly long time and then did my workout at home before heading to lab WAY later than I should have.  I still got the workout done, but I wasted a lot of time (via laying in bed).  I need to find a way to be motivated to wake up / get out of bed on time, even without my gym buddy!
-I am not loving my strength training program.  I am getting stronger - I've moved from 8 lb to 10 lb weights for several exercises!  However, I don't really look forward to strength training or feel excited about it.  I need some way to get more motivated - a new routine for December?  Perhaps tracking my exact reps/weights so I can really see myself getting stronger?  Any suggestions would be welcome :-)

Goal #2: Cook at least four new recipes and blog about them.  On Sunday I shared Lasagna Soup with you, and on Monday I shared Indian Cauliflower Curry Stew.  Two down, two to go!  I definitely find that my interest/desire to cook comes in waves.  For instance, although I blogged about both of them this week, I made the soup, the stew, and one other recipe (chili) within the span of 2 days over a week ago... and then didn't feel like cooking much for the last week ish!  I get to the point where the idea of picking a meal, getting the ingredients, chopping up veggies, etc. all sounds overwhelming.  So then we eat frozen pizza, quesadillas, and sandwiches, or eat out.  I think I just need more quick and easy meals!

Goal #3:  Work on my research project.  Shockingly, without concrete goals, this hasn't progressed as nicely as my work out & food goals.  It is getting somewhat better, and I think I need to be much stricter about setting aside time JUST to do research and not allowing ANY distractions - whether they be classes, papers, clients, lab-related work, exercise, cooking, TV, or anything else.  Starting... as soon as my two final papers for my two classes are written? Haha.

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