Monday, November 21, 2011

Thoughts on Greek Yogurt

Note: no one paid me to do this review (um, I wish), but I'm doing it anyway.  Why?  Because so many people (and blogs I read) talk about how delicious Greek yogurt is.  So today when it was on sale at my local grocery store I decided to finally give it a try after turning up my nose (for no legitimate reason) for so long.

Full disclosure: I don't really like regular yogurt that much.  This is probably why I avoided trying Greek yogurt.  I used to eat fat free strawberry yogurt every once in a while, but the texture just isn't my cup of tea.  So I haven't had yogurt in about a year, until this experiment.

So, I purchased one small container of Chobani Greek Yogurt - Strawberry non-fat, fruit on the bottom, and ate it as a late afternoon snack.  First thought: $1 for 1 thing of yogurt?  Not a bad price for a snack, but probably more pricy than my other snacks (e.g. a piece of fruit, some nuts, etc.).... but, perhaps more substantial than those snacks?  (BTW, I'm totally giving the cost of other snacks a ballpark - I know most fruits are less than $1/each but I couldn't estimate for my other snacks!).

Second thought: whoa nutritional stats - in particular, whoa protein!  Not many (non meat) things that I eat have 14 grams of protein, and particularly not in only 140 calories!  That's pretty awesome.

As for flavor... I'd give it a solid B?  It reminded me a lot of sour cream.  The fruit flavor was good, but I wish it had been... fruitier?  Sweeter?  It is definitely not as sweet as I recall regular strawberry yogurt to be.  This was surprising given the 19 grams of sugar!  I do wish it was a little sweeter - the aftertaste is very reminiscent of sour cream, and not strawberry.  However, overall, I'd say I liked the flavor.

The texture also reminded me of sour cream... maybe a mixture of sour cream and regular yogurt's texture?  I think texture was my main turnoff for yogurt in the past, so I imagine that I couldn't eat this every day or even every other day without getting sick of the texture.  However, this might be something good to have 1-2x per week as breakfast or as a snack, especially when I'm not getting other sources of fruit (a problem in the winter when many fruits in the grocery store don't look good).

So, overall: I wouldn't mind eating this every once in a while.  But, like regular yogurt, the texture is not my favorite and I doubt this will ever become a regular part of my diet.

 weekend workouts & thoughts
-friday night: i decided to show jillian who's boss and totally kick ass at banish fat boost metabolism.  it went really well until my back and calves were really sore on saturday.  i guess she showed me who's boss.

-saturday: 8.2ish outside. it was cold - 28 when we started! i guess it's good practice for the 15k.  great run though, felt good pretty much the entire time, avg. pace around 10:47 min/miles.

-sunday: should be a rest day, but my friend A had just bought jillian's killer buns & thighs, so i went to her house to try out level 1.

-monday morning: despite it being 28 on saturday morning, it was 60 degrees this morning, so i HAD to run outdoors! we ran 3.4 miles total, avg. pace around 10 min/miles before going inside for some weight training.  M made bench press the bar - 3 sets of 10 - but for one set, she added 2.5 lb weights to each side! woo! it was hard but great.

thoughts on jillian's killer buns and thighs:  it was okay.  jillian continue to be kind of annoying, but pretty hard core. some moves were SUPER hard, some i didn't think were very effective (but maybe i need better form or more weights), and other moves were just uncomfortable because we were on hardwood floor, haha.  oh and because A's dog REALLY wanted to get involved in the work out.  my house next time! :-)

we leave on tuesday for the holiday.  i'm hoping to use some ideas from pintrest to figure out how to get in some good work-outs without going outside or having any equipment!  ideas so far include combinations of  jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, jogging in place, burpees, squats, lunges, push ups, crunches, planks, mountain climbers, and kicks/punches/kickboxing moves... any suggestions would be welcome though!

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  1. I totally have used plain greek yogurt as sour cream before. Its way healthier and like you said, taste and texture are both a lot like sour cream - so its great on chili!