Sunday, November 13, 2011

Indian Cauliflower Curry Stew

Last week, I made Indian Cauliflower Curry Stew, which I got out of my cookbook Good Housekeeping Budget Dinners: Quick and Easy Everyday Recipes.  I am definitely not a sandwich-for-lunch type of person, so I love to make casseroles or crock pot meals that I can bring for lunch.  And, since Scott packs/makes his own lunches, I can be creative and make stuff he would never eat :-)

Sorry this post is light on pictures, but I made this in the crock pot so there wasn't a lot to photograph!  Technically this is not a slow cooker recipe. - it says to make it in a dutch oven over heat, and it takes less than an hour.  But I REALLY love my slow cooker, so instead, I threw all of the ingredients in and let it go for a few hours!

The rice cooked just fine in the slow cooker, although the cauliflower and rice were a bit mushy in texture.  I can see some people not liking the somewhat mushy-ness of the dish, but it was just fine with me!  This might also have been because I used frozen pre-cut crinkle carrots and frozen cauliflower.
My only real comment was that I added more curry powder than it called for, and I think that worked well.  I tend to find that I always want more herbs and spices than recipes call for :-)  Otherwise, I thought this was delicious, easy, and definitely something I'd make again.  It was the perfect recipe for when you are feeling lazy (as long as you can wait for the slow cooker) because I literally put broth, uncooked rice, frozen pre-cut veggies, chick peas, and some spices in the slow cooker and walked away.  Lazy person's heaven!

recent workouts:
-sunday, i ran 5 miles with my friend K, avg. pace 10:23
-monday (aka today), i ran 2 miles in my neighborhood, avg. pace 9:38 + did strength training at home.  strength training at home never goes quite as well as at the gym, as i only have 5 lb weights... but M wasn't feeling well and i couldn't drag myself to the gym this morning!

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