Friday, October 22, 2010

i'm still alive!

Ok, so, I'm still a bad blogger.  I really really want to get back into doing this, but school has been ridiculous!  Since I last blogged, I have cooked:

135.  Italian Chicken Pitas
136.  Baked chicken and rice with autumn vegetables
137.  Smoked turkey and couscous
138.  Savory Poached-Salmon Salad
139.  Lox and Cream Cheese Scramble
140.  Turkey-Mac Skillet

I'm getting so close to the halfway point! I won't make it by ,my goal date if I keep this slooow pace though, so something must be done!  I have pictures too - just need to get them uploaded :-)

I'm not going to go into super details for each meal but I'll say (1) they were all good, at least solid B's and (2) The Smoked turkey and couscous is deeeelicious.  So much that I made it twice!

Luckily, M has not let my running slack off :-)
Tuesday 10/12: 2.5 miles in 27:26, avg. pace 10:59
Friday10/15: 2.0 miles in 21:00 minutes, avg. pace 10:30
Sunday 10/17, 4.0 miles in 43:08, avg. pace 10:41
Tuesday 10/19, 3.3 miles in 35:15, avg. pace 10:49
Thursday 10/21, 2.1 miles, 21:45, avg. pace 10:34

To recap - Sunday's long run was good, but I did do most of it at 5 min running / 1 minute walking intervals.  I knew (given how exhausted I was from a crazy weekend) I couldn't run continuously for 4 miles.  So instead of setting an unrealistic goal, I decided I would go into the run with a plan of action of when to walk, so that I wouldn't just give up and walk a whole bunch!  I was pretty happy with the turn out.
Tuesday's run was kind of funny, because the first half was super slow (since we were chatting) and the second half was much faster.  It felt so good to feel FAST!

This weekend I'm heading to NYC to visit SUSAN!  I'm so excited to see her place in NYC and catch up!  I'm also going with her to a running group on Saturday morning.  Of course, given that her marathon pace is 2 min/mile faster than my record mile, I will be running with a pace group more in my ability :-)

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