Sunday, May 18, 2014

weeklyish update

This week, I've had significantly more success in my goals.  Maybe public shaming via blog writing helped?

30 minutes of exercise per day:
Monday through Saturday I alternated doing the 30 day shred (level 1) with a 30 minute run/walk.  Sunday, I deemed to be a "rest" day, but I didn't want to break the streak so I took Isis for a walk and did a 20 minute Yoga for Runners video.

Getting back into running is harder than I had hoped.  Even though I'm only running 90 seconds at a time, by the end of my last interval I'm definitely feeling tightness in my calves/shins.  I'm hoping by doing plenty of stretching and strength training and taking it slow, I'll eventually be able to get back to running pain-free for more than a few minutes at a time.

Track what I eat / Reduce caloric intake:
I started using again to track my food, and by setting a caloric budget on there I was able to stay "in budget" 6 out of 7 days this past week.

Saturday was my friend Shelley's bachelorette party, and the combination of delicious Korean food, champagne, and nutella cookies set me "over budget".  On the flip side, I probably burned off at least a few of those calories singing and dancing the night away in our private karaoke party room.


In other news, today was my 100th day of the #100happydays challenge.  I looked back at my Instagrams of the past 100 days and found that 30% of them were pictures of Isis, 26% were either with Scott or of something I was doing with Scott, and 27% were of food or drinks.  So apparently my life in a nutshell is puppy, husband, and eating/drinking.  Sounds about right.  (Also, if you are wondering why that adds to more thna 100%, it's because I often had pictures of Scott+Isis or pictures of Scott+I eating something delicious for dinner).

In keeping with the "teaspoons" half of this blog, this week I hope to write a bit about what I've been cooking lately.  I haven't been as creative in the kitchen as I used to be, but I feel like I've recently gotten better about cooking regularly.... except for Thursday when a tornado came through Durham and our power went out.  Then we got take out from my favorite burrito place :-)

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