Friday, May 2, 2014


An entire academic year has passed, and I haven't blogged once.  What can I say?  Fifth year was busy.  I cooked new things a handful of times, and I worked out very rarely (so sad).  I recently decided I would like to start blogging again, though.  Partly, I think blogging helps me stay healthier - if I have to blog about something I cooked or the workouts I'm trying, I'm more likely to DO those things.  So, I some goals for the month of May that I will be blogging about:

1.  Get 30 minutes of exercise in every day.  This will primarily be a combination of strength workout DVDs and run/walking as I try to get back into running shape.

2.  Track what I'm eating.  When I track it, I am better at eating healthier.

3.  Reduce my daily caloric intake by cutting out things that aren't good for me / are unnecessary.  This is kind of vague and will be an experiment - but I'd like to snack less, eat out less and cook more, and drink less alcohol.

And, to make this post a bit more interesting, here are a few photos to sum up my past 9 months or so:
Went to the UMD @ VTech football game (November)
Isis got to play in the snow in Maine (December)
Attended a wonderful winter wedding (January)
Went to the National's home opener (April)
Attended another beautiful wedding (April)
Visited my alma matter to celebrate 100 years of Greek life (April)

... I guess April was eventful! :)

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