Friday, April 26, 2013

Nike Women's Half Marathon Goals

I'm running the Nike Women's Half Marathon on Sunday, so I figured I would put my goals out there for all to see.

My dream would be to run sub 2:10.  This is around 9:55 pace, which is probably pushing it for me, but maybe race adrenaline, etc., will make it possible.  I would be ECSTATIC.

If that doesn't happen, I would so love to beat 2:13:14 and PR.  That would mean running even a few seconds faster than 10:10 pace.  I think if I'm feeling good, I can pull that out.  We'll see.

If I can't PR, I think I would like to finish in under 2:20, or under 2:18:39 (my Tobacco Road time), because although I am still injured, I was able to run 2:18:39 at Tobacco Road and I am hopeful that I can at least do that.

You can track me live on Sunday!

Wish me luck :-)

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  1. Go roomie!! And let me know if that Tiffany's necklace is worth it...